The technological models used so far for detecting antivirus software are clearly inefficient and are unable to respond to the security threats any longer, especially for targeted viruses and/or those using known techniques and unknown malware.

DAVFI uses a fundamentally different approach to virus protection which turns out to be as a technological breakthrough resulting both from the theoretical and applied research.

Different protection technologies are integrated in compliance with the defense-in-depth concept.

The whole point of the DAVFI project is not, in any way, to adjust any unbalanced economic model but to focus on security issues as an absolute priority.

The tool has also been designed to evolve with the threats and keep pace with the users’ needs and requests.

The project is part of a French global program funded by the National Fund for a Digital Society (FSN) to invest in the future. It was approved by System@tic, a French competitive cluster and was promoted by AFUL (French-speaking Association of Libre Software Users as well.

Programme des investissements d'avenir Grand emprunt        Labellisation System@tic        L'Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de logiciels libres (AFUL)