Demonstrators for French and International AntiVirus Software

DAVFI deliver a reliable, controlled and high performance antiVirus Software that can be integrated into a complete offer designed to Institutions, Critical Infrastructure Operators (CIO), companies and individuals.

The Consortium, -that is to say- the project-leading members, was made of the following complementary entities:

* Nov'IT company :   Project leader, operating company delivering innovative security services
* ESIEA :   School of higher education, Operational Cryptology and Virology Lab (C+V)°
* Qosmos company :   Network Intelligence solutions editor
* Teclib company :   Expert in development, integration of inventory tools and IT management
* DCNS Research :   World leader in the field of Naval Defense

DAVFI was a R&D program supported by the French Fund for a Digital Society (FSN) which was established as part the French government's economic stimulus program (for more information, please visit the following website: call for project Network Security and Resilience .

Based on a fundamentally different technical approach, the antivirus software both detect the new variants of known viruses and pro-actively prevent the action of newly emerged unknown malware.

The idea behind DAVFI is to enable France and Europe to become fully independent in the area of antivirus software.

The R&D of the project was initiated in 2012 and finalized in April 2014 for the Android (secure mobility) part and October 2014 for development for MS-Windows and GNU/Linux.

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